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For individuals tax appeals
eminent domain
estimated market value
For attorneys litigation
For municipalities aquisition
eminent domain
For lending institutions loans and collateral
For relocation companies estimated sales price

Important moments in your life when you might need a real estate appraisal:

Condemnation or Eminent Domain Appraisal
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Tax Assessment Appeal
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Estate/Divorce Appraisals
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Expert Witness Testimony
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Relocation Appraisal
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Investing in Rehabilitated Residential Property
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Easement Valuation
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Helpful Links

Central Ohio Real Estate Information

Franklin County Auditor
Delaware County Auditor
Fairfield County Auditor
Madison County Auditor
Pickaway County Auditor
Licking County Auditor
Union County Auditor
Columbus Board of Realtors
Builders Industry Association of Central Ohio

Central Ohio News & Information

Business First of Columbus
The Columbus Dispatch
City of Columbus Website

Central Ohio Real Estate Blogs

Columbus Best Blog
Columbus Retro Metro (urban real estate)
Delaware County Real Estate News
Columbus Real Estate Blog

Appraisal Industry Links

Appraisal Institute
Cardinal Ohio Chapter of the Appraisal Institute

National Real Estate News and Economic Trends

MIT Center for Real Estate (resource for real estate economic information)
Econobrowser (current economic conditions and policy)
Hot Property Mortgage blog (Business Week)
Mortgage Rate Trends (weekly) (national real estate news and trends) (national real estate listings)

Demographic Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics-Ohio
Bureau of Labor Statistics-Columbus
National Demographic Statistics (
Demographic and Economic Overview-Franklin County
Demographics and Housing Statistics by Census Tract (statistics, demographics, home sales trends, basic facts)

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