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Why you should choose R.F. Berger and Associates

Our success over the years had been built upon recommendations and referrals from loyal clients who found our appraisals to be reliable and understandable, resulting in few questions or problems.

We are dedicated to meticulous client service, priding ourselves in working hard to get the job done right the first time. If there is a problem with an appraisal, we will let the client know before the report is sent out, be it access, inspections required, easement, or valuation problems.

If a client asks for a review, we will do it with an open mind. Any questions or problems on a completed report are moved to the top and addressed immediately.

We are a full-service appraisal company. We can appraise
all types of real estate. Assignments range from easements, encroachments, litigation, trust, estates, eminent domain, faulty construction, cost to cure, contributory value, title problems, retro, or back-in-time appraisals, tax appeals, relocation, divorce, partnerships, mortgages, estate, settlements, establish and selling price, consultations, probate, highest and best uses, absorption studies.

We pride ourselves in providing appraisals which give a complete understanding of the property. The person reading the appraisal should be able to picture the property, understand the condition, the quality of the property, the neighborhood, and be able to completely visualize the property just by reading the report.

We believe that the backbone of an appraisal is having the best possible data, such as comparable sales, property for sale, and what did not sell.

We do not turn down difficult assignments. In fact, we are known for taking on the whole range of appraisal projects – from the smallest to the largest houses in Central Ohio to the most complex assignments such as the Franklin County land fill project and city subdivisions.

We will go out of our way to understand your needs and deliver honest, reliable service that will make you appraisal experience the most satisfying.

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e-mail us: appraisal@rfberger.com
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